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"I was privileged to watch Mary's class evolve as she created a unique, individualized yoga program for her students' special needs. As they participated in her yoga program, therapeutic gains ranging from flexibility, strengthening, body awareness, self-regulation and self-esteem improved dramatically! Each student was an active participant who truly enjoyed their role, and the benefits were outstanding!"— Jenn Perillo, MSOTR

"I was able to observe first-hand the countless benefits derived from Mary Flynn's special-needs yoga program. The 'yogis' in the class were treated as equals in a connected, safe environment, while being encouraged to challenge their individual abilities. Each student was given the gift of gaining core strength, confidence, self-awareness, improved respiratory capabilities, renewed energy, increased flexibility, improved postural alignment and the enjoyment of being part of something bigger than themselves."— Audrey Artz, MPT

"Mary Flynn's yoga program has had many benefits for my students with developmental challenges. She brings a dynamic to my program that motivates and energizes my students... meeting the needs of each participant. Mary's program has been so effective that I bring my own children to her for yoga instruction. As a parent and teacher, I have witnessed the many benefits of yoga for all children. I would highly recommend Mary Flynn's yoga program as an effective tool to enhance the overall physical, emotional, and social growth of all children."— Jacque Supsie, Special Education Teacher

Yoga therapy is currently used in many occupational therapy, physical therapy, physical education, adaptive physical education and recreational therapy programs.

Did you know?

You can empower your special education students by sharing this comprehensive, educational yoga video (DVD) with special education teachers, adaptive physical education teachers, occupational, physical, and recreational therapy personnel, and parents.